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Woman has ruff moment when her excitable golden retriever barrels into her

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By Harrison Moore via SWNS

A woman had a "ruff" moment when her excitable golden retriever puppy charged into her - and left her flat on her back.

Tracy Allen, 48, went outside to clear up a solar light six-month-old golden retriever Phoebe had ripped out of the ground when she was knocked off her feet.

Funny CCTV footage shows Tracy walking across her back garden when Phoebe suddenly races outside to join her.

The pooch careess into the back of her - causing her to fall and land on the gravel.

Although she has been left with a large bruise on her lower back, thankfully she didn't suffer any major injuries.

Tracy, from Salisbury, Wilts., England said: "She's only a pup and she's still learning so she can be very clumsy.

"Funnily enough I was on my way to clear up a mess she'd made in the garden, and she just came out of nowhere.

"I landed hard on the bottom of my back and bum, but managed to put my hand out to break my fall.

"It was painful but of course I'll forgive her!"

The video was filmed on October 13.

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