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Fan sits on all 42,785 seats in his favorite team’s stadium to raise cash for charity

"I flew through the first 4,000 seats - but then the pain kicked in."

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Simon Osborn gives a thumbs-up while sitting in one of the seats. (Courtesy of Simon Osborn via SWNS)

By Sophie Watson via SWNS

A wacky Aston Villa fan spent 35 hours sitting on every single seat at his team's 42,000-capacity stadium to raise money for a dementia charity.

Simon Osborn, 42, took four-and-a-half days to complete the mammoth challenge of parking his backside on all 42,785 seats at Villa Park.

The warehouse manager said he was left in 'complete agony' as he spent an average of two second a seats making his way around the Premier League stadium.

He even worked his way through the VIP director's seats and the dugout - including the now-vacant manager's seat following Steven Gerrard's sacking last night.

Season ticket holder Simon, of Middleton Cheney, Northants., began the challenge on September 26 and finished just before lunchtime on September 30.

He was raising money for Aston Villa FC’s Dementia Activity Café.

Simon said: "I flew through the first 4,000 seats - but then the pain kicked in.

(Courtesy of Simon Osborn via SWNS)

“About six hours in, I was in agony and when I finished the first day, I was questioning how I was going to get through the rest of the challenge.

“I can’t even explain the feeling – just severe agony.

“I could feel it in my hips, my toes, my legs and my lower back was shot to pieces.

“It took me about a fortnight to recover from the challenge and I was walking around like a Tin Man for days.

“Last night was my first leg day back at the gym since the challenge, and I am in bits this morning as I still feel soar from the challenge.

“The whole challenge was absolute agony but a brilliant achievement.

“It was just a privilege as a fan to be able to do this challenge in the stadium."

Simon first thought about doing a charity sit-a-thon while on a stadium tour of the Villa ground with friends several months ago.

And after months of planning and liaising with the club, he was given permission to attempt his colossal challenge.

He added: “I appreciate the club’s support and help organizing the challenge and people’s generosity donating to the cause.

“I was very lucky with the weather and most days it was 18 degrees and it only rained one morning.

“I was able to sit on the posh seats in the VIP section and as a treat at the end of the challenge, I got to sit in the manager's chair too.”

Simon chose to raise money for the club’s dementia charity as it was a cause close to his heart.

(Courtesy of Simon Osborn via SWNS)

Around 20 years ago he lost a grandmother to Alzheimer’s and now his other 96-year-old nan is suffering with the same disease.

He added: “Since my 96-year-old nan has had Alzheimer’s I’ve become more aware of the debilitating disease.

“Watching her go from living on her own and being really strong-willed to now being a living shell with her body on shut down in the space of 12 months, it’s awful to watch.

“She doesn’t know who I am or anyone in the family is. So it’s a charity very close to home.”

Simon has so far raised £1,490 ($1,680). You can donate here.

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