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How this mom built a private beach in her landlocked backyard

Life's a beach for this family.

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(Photo by Sarah Miller via SWNS)

By Harrison Moore via SWNS

A mother has created her own beach in her backyard - complete with a slide, sun loungers and waterfall.

Sarah Miller, 33, and her husband Travis, 38, live in Pennsylvania, miles from the nearest coastline.

So they decided to bring the beach to their new home in Harrisburg and spared no expense - claiming it cost over $150,000 to build.

Sarah employed New York firm Biodesign Pools to teach local company Goodall Pools and Spas to install the manmade beach.

The process included digging a hole in the garden and then covering it with thick rubber padding.

(Photo by Sarah Miller via SWNS)

Real sand was then laid on top of the padding, which was mixed with resin to make a concrete material that retains a sand-like appearance.

The mom-of-three then added a tanning ledge, a jacuzzi function, a waterfall and sun loungers.

She is yet to complete the landscaping around the pool, where she plans to plant artificial palm trees and a fireplace.

Sarah Miller, her husband Trevor, and their children. (Via SWNS)

The whole project took two weeks and cost her and Travis a total of more than $150,000, Sarah says.

The nurse practitioner said: "Last month we moved into our dream home, and we decided to build a beach pool in our backyard.

"We love the beach - but live nowhere near one - so thought it would be fun to bring the beach to us.

"We have three kids - a two, a five and a seven-year-old - so they're the perfect age to enjoy the pool.

"It cost $150,000, but it was one hundred percent worth the money.

"I can control the bubbles, heating, waterfall and lights from my mobile phone which is really cool.

"I'm so happy with the project, and once I've completed the landscape around the pool, it will really be beach day every day at our family home!"

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