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How this mom was able to feel like she was having an orgasm during labor

"It was a blessing."

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Hanna Faustino, husband Will and three children. (Hanna Faustino via SWNS)

By Emma Dunn via SWNS

A woman claims she was able to feel like she was having an orgasm and "climaxing" during labor - by focussing on her breathing.

Hanna Faustino, 36, reached the blissful state while squatting to give birth to her second child, Kaiya, now seven - by focusing on her breathing.

The mom-of-three says the sensations she achieved were similar to that of an orgasm, and she had similar experiences with her third child, Terran, now four.

“During birth I surrendered my mind to my body, and I had similar sensations to an orgasm," said Hanna, an educational assistant, from Caistor Centre, Canada.

“I found a rhythm of breathing and I was in a squat with my husband supporting me.

"I forgot they were in the room as I was just able to focus on this natural extension and reached a really blissful state.

"It was really natural to push, and the contractions didn't feel as painful.

“I had this fullness, and I didn't want the feeling to stop.

"It wasn't the same as an orgasm, but it was a really profound moment and one I'll never forget.

"It was a blessing."

Hanna Faustino. (Hanna Faustino via SWNS)

Hanna learnt about this state of "labor land" through taking prenatal yoga classes with birth coach Jannine Markou, 49.

Jannine has been coaching women to reach a state of euphoria during their birth for more than 10 years and says the technique can be really successful for a positive labor and managing pain.

“She helped me with breathing exercises and with mantras,” Hanna said.

“There was a lot of uncertainty with the birth of my first child, River, nine, so I didn’t achieve a blissful state.

“It was a long labor and harder than a marathon and I’ve run many.

“But it was beautiful work and something I’m proud of when I look back.”

For Hanna's second birth she was able to focus on the rhythm to "climax" and visualized her baby coming closer to her on a wave to help her through the labor.

She had her husband, Will, 41, a mailman, holding her from behind while she labored in a squat position.

“I was in a squat in my bedroom and the lights were dim,” she said.

Birth coach Jannine Markou. (Hanna Faustino via SWNS)

“With all my babies I’ve worked on a visualization with each contraction that they are a wave bringing my baby closer to me.

“I didn’t use any pain relief with any of my births.

“Reaching that state was beautiful and I didn’t want it to end.”

For her third baby, Terran, four, she chose to lie on her side with her leg up.

“It was almost like a peeing dog,” she said.

“I embraced the sensations of the birth.

“It wasn’t quite as blissful as with Kaiya but still beautiful.”

Jannine teaches her clients to use movement, toning and breathing exercises to help them through pregnancy and birth.

“If you allow birthing hormones to work for you then a woman can come into a state of bliss or labor land," she said.

“The pain is then not so intense because the endorphins are flowing and there is then no fear.

“It’s said they are 10 times stronger than morphine if you can that working for you.

“I’ve seen it work for women and it was amazing, but it might look different for everybody.

“My goal is to make sure woman are happy with their birth experience in postpartum, no matter the journey.”

Hanna credits Jannine for helping her have positive outlooks on all her births.

“A birth always has surprises,” Hanna said.

“But by working on breathing and trust you can achieve a wonderful birth outlook.”

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