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Over 60% of parents hide from their kids for some ‘me time’

“In today’s ever busy world, we’re urging parents to take just 15 minutes each day to re-charge their batteries."

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By Steve Richmond, 72Point via SWNS

More than six in 10 parents have hidden in a bathroom to steal a couple of minutes of peace and quiet away from the kids.

The research of 1,000 moms and dads found even sneaky bathroom hideouts can be challenging at times as 29 percent don’t feel like they can go to the bathroom without being followed by their children.

Nearly four in 10 (38 percent) frazzled parents sit on the toilet and scroll through their phone, 32 percent pretend to be loading the washing machine and 29 percent have done housework upstairs alone to get some time to themselves.

While 30 percent have even eaten a snack with their head in the kitchen cupboard, just to enjoy the moment with no interruption and no kids stealing snacks out of their hands.

It also emerged 24 percent consider any chance they do get to simply sit in silence as quality "me time," while 26 percent view sleeping as a treat.

And one in six (16 percent) reckon simply eating breakfast is a blissful moment.

“Parents certainly have a lot on their hands with endless ‘to do’ lists that never seem to include any ‘me time,'" said a spokesperson for Energizer, which commissioned the research.

“This is clearly leading to frazzled mums and dads desperately seeking a slice of serenity in any way they possibly can, including taking refuge in the bathroom.

“In today’s ever busy world, we’re urging parents to take just 15 minutes each day to re-charge their batteries."

The study also found 78 percent feel juggling a job and parenthood takes its toll, while 56 percent are exhausted in their efforts to fill the weekends with activities.

But parents also forgo five "me time" moments a week for the good of the kids.

A staggering nine in 10 (92 percent) struggle to find enough "me time" for themselves, with a third admitting they also find it hard to do anything fun with their partner due to their relentless life commitments.

And 32 percent don’t feel like they can because of the constant chores.

Nearly half (48 percent) don’t have any regular help from family members to look after the children leaving 53 percent forgetting to eat during an entire day.

While weary parents, polled via OnePoll, also average just five hours of sleep a night, with 40 percent left feeling low on energy daily, or even multiple times a day, with three pick-me-ups required.

A spokesperson for Energizer, added: “We strongly recommend stocking up on batteries, especially ahead of Christmas, to avoid parents feeling overwhelmed by frantically trying to power up toys and gadgets to keep their kids entertained."

Top 20 Things Parents Consider Me Time:

1. Watching TV
2. Reading a book
3. Going for a walk
4. Sleeping
5. Sitting in silence
6. Having a relaxing bath
7. Catching up with a friend without the kids
8. Doing some exercise
9. Having a glass of wine or beer
10. Have a treat meal
11. Doing some gardening
12. Baking
13. A spa treatment
14. Playing sport
15. Going for a run
16. Eating breakfast uninterrupted
17. Going for a drive on your own
18. Haircut
19. Going to an exercise class
20. Drying my hair in peace

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