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Guy grows ‘world’s most dangerous plant’ with sting so painful it can lead to suicide

It's capable of delivering a sting like "being burnt with hot acid and electrocuted at the same time."

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Daniel Emlyn-Jones with the Gympie-Gympie, the world's most dangerous plant. (Oxford Mail via SWNS)

By Ed Cullinane & Sophie Perry via SWNS

A British man has grown the "world's most dangerous plant" with a sting so bad it can lead to months of pain - and even suicide.

Daniel Emlyn-Jones, 49, decided to grow the Gympie-Gympie in his home - where it sits in a cage marked with a 'danger' sign.

Gympie-Gympie - also known as the "Australian stinging tree" - is a nettle-like shrub known as the world's most venomous plant.

It is said to be capable of delivering a sting like "being burnt with hot acid and electrocuted at the same time."

Daniel, an online tutor from Oxford, said that he wants to promote an interest in plants by cultivating unique flora.

He said: “I don't want to come over as a loon. I'm doing it very safely.
Some botanic gardens have these plants as interesting specimens.''

Gympie-Gympie is a plant in the nettle family Urticaceae and is found in rainforest areas of Malesia and Australia.

(Oxford Mail via SWNS)

If touched for even a second, tiny hair-like needles will deliver a burning sensation that will intensify for the next 20 to 30 minutes.

The pain can then continue for weeks or even months leaving patients unable to even sleep from the agony - and in some cases suicidal.

Victims of the plant have reported being sent into sneezing fits, developing allergies, experiencing massive red rashes, and having their limbs swell up painfully.

While not always needed, some cases have resorted to hospitalization due to their severity.

(Oxford Mail via SWNS)

The plant - dendrocnide moroides - was discovered in its native Australia when a road surveyor's horse was stung, went mad and 'died within two hours' in 1866.

Another horror story told by Australian World War Two soldier Cyril Bromley recalled how he fell into the nettles while training - sending him into madness after weeks of agony and ineffective treatments.

Another reportedly shot himself dead after using the nettle as toilet paper by accident.

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