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Great Scott! … The DeLorean is back!

Details of price and car specifications have yet to be revealed.


Artist's impression of the Model-JZD. (DNG via SWNS)

By Dean Murray via SWNS

Call Marty, the DeLorean is back!

A new model is being built by the daughter of legendary automotive engineer John DeLorean.

Featuring the iconic gull-wing door like the famous 1980s version, the two-seater is the brainchild of Kat DeLorean.

The car will be named the Model-JZD in honor of her father, whose middle name was Zachary.

DeLorean Next Generation Motors (DNG) say they will begin assembly of the model in Detroit, Michigan in January, with an expected unveiling by the end of the year.

DNG announced they have employed some of the top automotive minds in the industry for the project, alongside a portion of the original team that helped create the first iconic DeLorean more than 40 years ago.

Artist's impression of the DeLorean Model-JZD. (DNG via SWNS)

Details of price and car specifications have yet to be revealed.

A statement explains: "Kat was integral on countless engineering projects with her father, including the next cutting edge sports car before his unexpected passing in 2005.

"Her engineering background, and direct involvement, make Kat the perfect successor to finish where John DeLorean left off."

Artist's impression of the DeLorean Model-JZD. (DNG via SWNS)

The Detroit-based firm say Kat is putting her father’s final business plan to work creating a car company based on the principles John DeLorean believed in such as "quality, safety, longevity, and affordability."

They add: "Kat begins the journey of rebuilding the name and brand into the ethical company her father always wanted it to be.

"This is a new kind of mobility company the industry has never seen before, one that focuses on people and gives back to society."

Back to the Future: An artist's impression of the DeLorean Model-JZD. (DNG via SWNS)

Besides just building cars and creating jobs, Kat plans to introduce a new engineering program to public high schools that will provide a direct pathway to apprenticeships and engineering programs at major universities.

"She also plans to partner with other manufacturing companies to help meet some of the challenges faced by the automotive industry today," says DNG.

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