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Watch this award-winning skydive routine

"To get to this point is just incredible."

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By Lydia Patrick via SWNS

Meet the Fly-onesses - four British women who won gold at the World Parachuting Championships with a stunning skydive routine.

Anna Hicks, 39, Cath Anderson, 35, Vana Parker, 47, and Sian Stokes, 34, dedicated years of blood, sweat and tears to the dive.

The group won gold in the female 4-way skydive at the FAI World Parachuting Championships 2022.

Their 35-second descent involved a set of various formations - filmed by their cameraman Simon Brentford, 42, who is an integral part of the team.

The competition took place in Arizona and the quartet brought home the gold medal on October 26.

"It's been the culmination of so many years of hard work and dedication and time spent away from loved ones," Anna said.

"During the final few rounds I was feeling sick with nerves but I had to hold it together and reframe it as excitement.

"To get to this point is just incredible."

Team France came second followed by Team USA who came third.

"It's really nerve-wracking. I don't get fear of death anymore but I get performance nerves," Anna said.

"You have to perform well and there's a lot of pressure not to mess things up.

"If you fall over on an exit that's a lot of points lost. We all squeeze hands on the way up and have a really strong bond.

"We've been through so much together and shared so much blood, sweat and tears this year which I think is part of the success of our team dynamic."

Anna has worked alongside Vana since 2015, Sian joined the squad in 2016 followed by Cath in 2017.

They only have one sponsor and have had to invest thousands between them for their training budget.

Sian is the only member of the team who works as a full-time skydiver.

Cath, who works for the NHS, is the only one of the women who doesn't work on a freelance basis and has had to use all of her annual leave to be able to train.

The women do intensive 5-7 day jump camps once or twice a week and wind tunnel training one or two days a week.

Anna, an army medic from Collingbourne Ducis, Wilts, added: "I'm on the outside at the front so I have to hold onto the outside of the plane whizzing along at 90 miles per hour, it's quite windy out there, you just have to repeat to yourself 'stay strong.'"

Anna started skydiving when she was an army medical student and was inspired by the iconic Point Break scene where Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves free-fall out of a plane for three minutes.

"I thought that's cool - I want to do that," she said.

No stranger to Hollywood glitz and glamour, Sian and Anna worked with Tom Cruise on Mission Impossible 6.

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