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Clever 6-year-old boy draw logos perfectly from memory

“We hope that Sebastian can change the world with his incredible gift and use his gift for good," his dad said.

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By Jessica Hehir-Smith via SWNS

This six-year-old boy is a LOGO genius and can recall and draw designs perfectly from memory.

Sebastian Esposito has Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and can find it difficult to communicate verbally.

But he loves reading and can share his thoughts well through writing and drawing.

He is able to accurately depict fonts and logos from memory and writes them in chalk on his driveway.

Video shows how Sebastian remembers and draws various logos including Honeywell, Best Buy, Hallmark, Pampers and JBL.

Sebastian showed a special interest in reading and writing from just 18-months-old, when he wrote down the entire Russian alphabet without being prompted.

His dad, Ryan Esposito, said his son has hyperlexia - the advanced, and often unexpected, reading skills and abilities in children far beyond their actual age.

Ryan, who is from near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, has been sharing Sebastian’s talents on their TikTok and Instagram accounts.

So far the online reaction has been positive and Ryan described that they love reading all the great comments and nice messages they get from people around the world.

"We get hundreds of messages from people saying they didn't know what hyperlexia was until they saw our videos, and now they have an answer for their child," he said.

“We hope that Sebastian can change the world with his incredible gift and use his gift for good.”

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