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Puma named Nigel recovering after having front leg amputated

"He is 1000x happier, signed off by the vets and professors."

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By Barney Riley via SWNS

A puma named Nigel has been making a recovery after having his front-left leg amputated - due to arthritis.

Footage from various stages of his post-operation recovery show the big cat in a new environment kitted out to suit his new needs.

Nigel underwent surgery on September 22 to remove the leg after suffering from arthritis at at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park.

A spokesman said: "Before coming to this decision we tried every drug, every remedy, every therapy and nothing eased his pain.

"We were left with this option, to remove the leg affecting him, or to put him to sleep.

"Nigel is a very happy, playful, energetic cat and we could not justify putting him down due to one painful leg.

"He is 1000x happier, signed off by the vets and professors.

"We are so happy that he’s happy, pain free and living his absolute best life. He is Middle Aged so still has 10+ years of life yet."

Detailing his recovery, the wildlife park explained that he is the happiest he has ever been.

This can be seen as Nigel is seen galavanting around the wildlife park's different enclosures unbothered by the lack of a leg.

The crew at the park had to kit out his living quarters because post-op he was so energetic they were worried that his stitches may come undone.

Although they did say Nigel's energy was a good sign to show he was not in pain, they were worried that a small accident could make it worse.

They said "he does not know his limits" as he tires himself out and becomes "shattered" after running around too much.

Fans lauded Nigel's positive spirit and congratulated him on his recovery.

One TikTok user commented: "pls tell him I'm very proud of him," while another said "Nigel is a very good boy and 10/10 would cuddle."

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