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Millions of adults buy clothes they’ll only ever wear once

Beach breaks, city vacations and ski trips are the vacations people have bought specific clothes or equipment for and then haven’t used beyond their journey away.


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By Rich Jenkins, 72Point via SWNS

Millions of adults buy clothes they'll only ever wear once due to weddings, Christmas parties, job interviews and niche vacations.

A poll of 2,000 adults found 45 percent own items of clothing which have only seen the light of day once.

And among the most common items which have been left to gather dust in wardrobes are fancy dress costumes, hats for weddings and Hawaiian shirts.

Nearly a fifth (18 percent) admitted that when they come to wear these items again, they feel as if they are not fashionable anymore, while 24 percent just think their tastes have simply moved on.

As a result, 35 percent would consider renting clothes to help save money (37 percent), or for the good of the planet (31 percent), and 26 percent have borrowed items from family and friends to avoid one-off purchases.

Beach breaks, city vacations and ski trips are the vacations people have bought specific clothes or equipment for and then haven’t used beyond their journey away.

To combat this and make ski wear more accessible and sustainable, Crystal Ski Holidays has partnered with celebrities Lucy Mecklenburgh and Wes Nelson to launch The Ski Edit, a rentable ski wear collection, curated with fashion rental service By Rotation.

Ellie Eyles, a spokesperson for Crystal Ski Holidays, said: "We want to make skiing more affordable and accessible to everyone, and we do understand it’s a holiday that requires special gear and costs can add up.

"Our research shows more people would be more willing to borrow or rent items to avoid a potential one-off purchase and this partnership with By Rotation removes that concern.

“Our curated Ski Edit includes a range of trusted brands that will get you skiing in style, without the hassle of having to purchase anything permanently.

“And we hope it encourages people to get out to the mountains and create memories on the slopes without the worry of additional costs or waste.”

The study also found 62 percent of those polled acknowledge the negative environmental impact buying clothes and only wearing them once has.

And 35 percent feel guilty after impulse buying ahead of a big occasion and only wearing something once.

While 30 percent have ended up turning down an invite for a special occasion or event because they knew they’d have to buy something they’d only end up wearing once.

The research, conducted via OnePoll, also revealed how vacations play a huge part in people’s one-time wears, with those who have purchased items for a trip they only wear once spending £66 ($75), on average, for one vacation.

More than four in 10 (43 percent) also admitted they will never go on vacation without buying at least one new item of clothing.

Love Island star, Wes Nelson, said: "I’ve been a skier since I was young and I’d love to see more people try to find their feet on the slopes, as it is one of the most enjoyable types of trips there is."

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