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Potterhead parents reveal baby’s gender using Sorting Hat at Universal Studios

In a voice over the sorting hat said: "No, you're not that? Well, if you're sure... Better be... a..."

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By Charlotte Penketh-King via SWNS

Potterhead parents revealed the gender of their baby in a Sorting Hat-themed stunt at Universal Studios.

Andrea Padron Robaina and Kevin Robaina love Harry Potter and did their reveal at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, with their son Negan, five.

They asked fans to vote what gender they thought their unborn baby would be on a Sorting Hat tally board.

The trio then stood in front of the park's Hogwarts castle and held the Sorting Hat with the gender of their baby hidden on a pop-out sign inside, on March 11, 2022.

Kevin's brother, Adrian, 29, recorded a voice-over imitating the famous voice of the Sorting Hat to reveal it was a girl.

Only Andrea's sister, Nicole, 23, knew the gender of the baby before the reveal as she made the sign that popped out of the hat.

Adrian recorded two voiceovers and Nicole selecting the 'girl' version so the reveal was a surprise.

His recording said: "Difficult, very difficult. Plenty of courage, I see. Not a bad mind either. There's talent, oh yes, and quite the imagination to share. But what are you?

"You will be great, you know. It's all here in your mother's womb, and your parents will help you on your way to greatness, there's no doubt about that.

"No, you're not that? Well, if you're sure... Better be... a girl!"

Baby girl Zelda was born on July 23, 2022, and Andrea hopes she will turn out to be in Gryffindor just like her mom.

EMT and artist Andrea, 33, who lives in Orlando, Florida, with EMT and firefighter Kevin, 32, said: "We are definitely a Harry Potter loving house.

"Our love for Harry Potter started together, thanks to our son Negan who started to wonder about it after visiting the parks.

"We started to read the Harry Potter books to him before bed and watched the films with him.

"He started to really enjoy the books and movies and we turned it into a family bonding moment.

"With Negan, we had Mickey Mouse help us do our gender reveal, so I wanted to do something similar.

"Both my husband and I love anything to do with theme parks, so we decided to do a Harry Potter themed one this time around.

"I asked my husband Kevin how he would feel if we just stood in front of the castle with close family and friends and he loved the idea.

"At the last second, I thought about getting as many people involved as possible by doing a tally board for anyone in the park who wanted to be part of a stranger's reveal.

"We loved it! The team members at Universal Studios were amazing and all the guests that helped us celebrate made this gender reveal memorable.

"All of her Harry Potter stuff fits her a little too big and we are waiting for her to start crawling so she can pick her Hogwarts house.

"Mommy is Gryffindor and her daddy and big brother are Ravenclaw - Kevin has our son so I'd love Zelda in my house for girl power!"

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