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CCTV captures astonishing moment lost dog wanders into police station

The ten-year-old rescue dog managed to walk by herself to the police station half-a-mile away.

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Dog Rosie and owner Steve Harper. (Tom Maddick via SWNS)


Rosie the runaway dog bolted after she got spooked by a firework going off on her daily walk.

She was off the leash with owner Steve Harper in the Southfields Park area of Loughborough, Leics., England when she ran away on November 3.

The ten-year-old rescue dog managed to walk by herself to Loughborough Police station on South
Field Road which is half-a-mile away.

Steve, 68, a retired research biochemist, said: "She's very frightened of fireworks.

"She ran away and went under the hedge.

"I thought I'd find her cowering under it and be able to soothe her but she had gone into the council offices and when I got there, she had left and was nowhere to be seen."

Steve and wife Julie, who have two grandchildren, got Rosie eight years ago after she was rescued.

Dog Rosie and owner Steve Harper. (Tom Maddick via SWNS)

Julie, 62, said: "I was so pleased and so happy she was safe and so proud of her that she was clever enough to find her way to the police station.

“Steve takes her down to Southfields Park that’s enclosed but not enclosed enough. She loves to chase a ball and squirrels.

“Border Collies need a good run, they're working dogs and they can run miles.

“He takes Rosie down to the local park with our other dog Laser, she doesn't like loud noises but someone let a firework off and she was off.

“Steve was upset, he thought he lost her. He was searching but couldn’t see her.

“The police phoned and asked if we had a black and white collie and that she had handed herself in.

“Steve was distraught when I phoned but I told him the police had her.

“It’s thunderstorms, fireworks and even the Mastermind music that has her diving behind the settee.

“It's just a bit different for her when she ran away but she was pleased to see Steve.”

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