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Over 60% of people want to be the best holiday gifter in their family


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Six in 10 Americans are worried about being “out-gifted” this holiday season, according to new research.

The survey of 2,000 Americans who plan to exchange holiday gifts revealed that 62% are trying to be the best gifter in their family — and the biggest competition? Mom, according to 24% of those polled.

For 59%, gift giving is a friendly competition in their family, and respondents rate their own skills quite highly; 20% said they’re the best gift giver, coming in second after mom.

Partners came in third (13%), then dad trailed a bit, coming in fourth place with 12% of the vote.

Gift giving is so important that 62% believe finding the right gifts for their loved ones is the most stressful part of the holidays, and respondents brainstorm an average of five ideas before landing on the perfect present.

Commissioned by Avocado Green Mattress and conducted by OnePoll, the survey found that while gift giving may be a fun competition, there’s also a selfless aspect.

Respondents prefer giving gifts, rather than receiving them (31% vs. 19%) — though 44% did say they enjoy both equally.

But it’s not just about finding a gift people will love: Americans are also looking into the sustainability of their gifts.

When it comes to friendly gifting, 58% said sustainable gifts give them an edge over the competition, and 42% have begun to care more about purchasing eco-friendly gifts over the past few years.

“Brands know that most shoppers want gifts that don't harm the environment,” said Avocado Green co-founder and chief marketing officer Mark Abrials. “So it’s essential to look for trusted certifications to ensure what a company is doing is actually green — and not just greenwashing.”

Half of the Americans surveyed (49%) would be willing to go out of their way to shop at a local, sustainable business — of those, the average respondents would be willing to pay 44% more and spend an extra 3.5 hours on the gift-buying process.

Respondents were asked what factors are most likely to influence their gift-buying decisions, and a third said it was important that the gift is coming from an eco-conscious business (36%), or from a small or local business (35%).

A similar number look for companies that give back to the community (31%), and about a quarter want to purchase from companies that are carbon neutral (26%).

But it’s not all about where the gift is coming from. Results found that respondents are also being conscious of how they present gifts.

Over the past few years, 46% said they’ve become more open to the idea of alternative wrapping options — such as paper bags (47%), newspaper (41%) and fabric (36%).

And 40% believe non-traditional wrapping paper allows them to be more creative while giving gifts.

“In the age of climate change, it’s imperative we all do our part to limit the environmental impact of our individual choices,” said Abrials. “Collectively, being more intentional about our holiday gifts can have a big positive impact.”


  • How much the recipient will like the gift — 43%
  • The cost of the gift — 39%
  • How it compares to what I purchased for this person last year — 37%
  • If the company is eco-conscious and sustainable — 36%
  • How it compares to what I’m buying for other people — 35%
  • If the gift comes from a small and/or local business — 35%
  • How long it will take to ship — 35%
  • If the company gives back to the community — 31%        
  • If the company is women or minority-owned — 28%
  • If the company is carbon neutral — 26%

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