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Is having an attractive World Cup squad important to fans?

And 49 percent would root for a side because of how much they liked the kit.

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By Charlotte Minett via 72Point

More than half of soccer fans admit they’d be happy to support a team at the World Cup – purely based on how attractive the squad is.

A poll of 2,000 adults found 49 percent would also root for a side because of how much they liked the kit.

A third is even happy to switch allegiances between teams depending on how well they are performing in the tournament.

And if taking part in a sweepstake, 17 percent would support the team they picked out of the hat – over their home nation.

A spokesperson for Lottoland which is running a sweepstake giving entrants £2 ($2.38) in free bets when their team wins a match said: “It’s easy to believe that when it comes to the World Cup, football fans will always support their home nation above everything else but it looks like this isn’t always the case.


The study found 54 percent of sweepstakers will take part in the game of chance for a bit of fun and aren’t really bothered about who wins the tournament.

While just 24 percent of those polled are die-hard fans of football and will be patriotic and loyal to the very end.

It emerged that 41 percent of Welsh fans would happily support England – after Wales got knocked out.

And 46 percent of English fans would do the same if their side got knocked out, and Wales were still fighting in the tournament.


Heart-warmingly, 44 percent of people who may take part in a sweepstake would fully support their drawn-out team, even if they realistically had no chance of winning the World Cup.

And 60 percent believe being part of a sweepstake makes watching the World Cup more exciting.

But 35 percent can’t decide whether they care more about international or club football, according to the OnePoll figures.

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