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This coat with sleeves that drag on the floor costs $5,000

It's been compared to "the wavy-arm guy outside your local car dealer."

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The eye-catching garments, by is by designer Rick Owens. (Nordstrom via SWNS)

By Dean Murray via SWNS

Luxury department store Nordstrom is selling a coat for just under $5,000, with sleeves so long they drag on the floor.

The winter garment, by Californian designer Rick Owens, is available in pearl and black.

The description reads: "Rick Owens plays with proportion on this channel-quilted down coat fashioned in an oversized cape-like silhouette framed with dramatically elongated sleeves."

However, online commentators have found humor in the seemingly impractically long arms.

The coat has been compared to the "Michelin man" and "the wavy-arm guy outside your local car dealer."

(Nordstrom via SWNS)

One person wrote: "It's like they used metric to design it and made parts of it in imperial by mistake."

While another comment noted: "It’s giving avant-garde street sweeper (vibes)".

However, the coat seems to be in demand, with the Nordstrom website stating that only one black version is left.

One positive review reads: "It’s a great coat for going to the movies, going camping, and people who like big warm hugs."

Another person who purchases the coat wrote: “Was a little on the pricier side but for the quality, it’s worth it. Only downside is that although it’s got great coverage for the arms my hands still feel cold.”

Nordstrom explains on their site: "Rick Owens's designs are unmistakably his, featuring bold sculptural elements and evocative draping, folding and wrapping."

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