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Boys pull German gun from World War II out of a river

The pair had been trawling the river bed for an hour on just their third outing magnet fishing when they caught hold of an object.


Max Wood and brothers Jack and Casey Rich with the gun they found. (Victoria Rackley via SWNS)

By Adam Dutton via SWNS

Two schoolboys were left shocked after pulling a GUN out of a river while magnet fishing - believed to be a German Luger pistol from World War II.

Pals Jack Rich and Max Wood, both 11, were forced to call the police when they recovered the firearm from the River Avon, in Evesham, Worcs, on Sunday (13/11).

The pair had been trawling the river bed for an hour on just their third outing magnet fishing when they caught hold of an object at around 5 p.m.

And they were gobsmacked when they hauled out the rusty antique-looking weapon before calling 999 to report their find.

West Mercia Police officers attended the scene at the town's Workman Bridge to collect the weapon, which was later confirmed to be a firearm.

The German Luger pistol that was fished out of a river. (Victoria Rackley via SWNS)

Jack and Max, of Evesham, are both keen anglers and are used to hooking 20lbs fish but were left stunned by their latest catch.

They now hope they will be allowed to keep the gun if it is safe to do so.

Jack’s mum Victoria, 37, praised the schoolboys' maturity as they were careful not to touch the firearm fearing it may have been used in past crimes.

Mom-of-four Victoria, a student nurse, said: “Jack and Max are usually fishing all the time, especially in the six weeks holiday.

“Apparently when it gets darker they don’t catch much fish so they convinced me to buy a magnet for them to go magnet fishing. They've only been three or four times.

The brothers with the gun. (Victoria Rackley via SWNS)

“Jack’s pulled out a trolley before, some nails but that’s it about. So they are over the moon with their find.

"Jack had called us in a panic stating he had found a gun, and that he had already used his initiative not to touch the gun and had called 999 to have someone collect it.

"They just used the magnet to put it onto the bench before calling the police and then us.

“They were both aware the gun was not functional due to the rust however weren’t sure if it was an old gun, or maybe even used in a crime in the past

“They called the police off their own backs before telling us.

“They're mature for their age, they like fishing and very calm things. They're not hanging around the streets.

"The boys have been doing lots of research and we think it could be a World War Two German Luger.

“The police did say to us if the boys might be able to have it back, but we’re not convinced.

“They are just delighted. Jack was just so happy, he goes on about it for hours. I don’t think they ever expected to find something like that.

“Jack went back to the bridge the following day to see what he could find - I think they've got the bug for it now after such an exciting start to their new hobby."

A West Mercia Police spokesperson said: "Around 5:10 p.m. on Sunday 13 November we received a call from two boys who had found a rusty item in the river that they believed to be a gun.

"Officers attended and collected the item which was later found to be a firearm."

Inspector Daniel Fenn added: “The boys did exactly the right thing in this situation.

"We ask for you to let police know immediately if an object of this nature is found, so the appropriate action can be taken.”

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