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Expert reveals how to avoid relationship point of no return

“Be empathetic and look at ways to resolve conflict."

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By Emma Dunn via SWNS

A therapist has revealed what the point of no return is in a relationship and how to avoid it - by addressing behavior that could be causing your partner pain.

Kelly Armatage, 48, believes that a person can be in love and overlook conflict or abusive and toxic behaviors, which build up to a "point of no return" when there is no way to get back on track.

She says resentment can grow and a final straw will push the relationship over the edge.

She advises couples to look at the behaviors that might be causing pain to their significant other before they get to this point and says it could help "save their relationship."

The trained counselor and therapist, from St Albans, UK, said: “A relationship gets to a point of no return when conflict and behaviors are repeated to the point of resentment.

“Pain gets bigger and bigger when behaviors are repeated until at one point there is a pain threshold.

“If they get passed this point the relationship is over because they don’t care and are now numb.

“The other wants to save it but it will be too late for their partner.

“Most won’t go back once this line has been crossed.

“If you have a lot of conflict in a relationship then look at your behaviors that might be causing your partner pain.

"Look to be sensitive to their needs and not take them for granted.

“Be empathetic and look at ways to resolve conflict."

“It could save a relationship.”

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Kelly advises people to look inward at themselves.

“Look to not push your partner past the point of no return,” she said.

“Therapy can take a 5 out of 10 relationship to a 10 out of 10 one.

“Or stop those heading for a break-up or divorce.

“People spend money on phones and TV packages so why not spend some on therapy?

“You go to the gym to give you a better body image so it’s the same with therapy.

“Men also go past this point of no return, but it is more common in women.

“Women are programmed for love and men are biologically wired for freedom and work.”

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