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Firefighter rescues dog trapped in drain

"The dog's owner could hear him barking but the dog couldn't make his way out."

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By Barney Riley via SWNS

This is the moment a trapped dog was rescued from a drainage culvert by a heroic firefighter in Bella Vista, Arizona.

Video footage shows a firefighter deep in the culvert as he digs away at rock and dirt before he manages to drag the shellshocked pooch to safety by its collar.

The trapped dog was heard crying in the culvert by its owners, but they were unable to get close and the pet couldn't get out.

The fire department said online: "Just after 5 a.m. today we were called out to a dog that was trapped in a drainage culvert.

"The dog's owner could hear him barking but the dog couldn't make his way out.

"Huge thanks to the Street Department workers for digging up part of the drainage area and the police for helping with traffic so Captain Sanders was able to free the dog.

"This was a great showing of cooperation between departments and a positive way to start our day, not to mention head into the Thanksgiving holiday. Kudos to all!"

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