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Mom shares how to make sparse Christmas tree look catalogue-ready

"I'm glad people could learn things from it."

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Nia Wells with her family. (Nia Wells via SWNS)

By Amy Reast via SWNS

A mom shared how to make even the most sparse Christmas tree look catalogue-ready - using one easy trick.

Nia Wells, 29, would spend hours each day wandering around looking at festive displays in shops - and wished she could make her own decorations look so perfect.

The avid Christmas lover realized she could create a full-looking tree just by hanging her baubles differently.

Nia, from Reston, Virginia replaced the hanging strings on her baubles with wire hooks - and hooked them as deep into the tree as possible.

This way, the hangings are not visible - and the tree looks much more full.

"When I used to look round shops I would wonder how the trees looked so good," said mom-of-one Nia.

"I realized it was because you couldn't see the hooks showing.

"I wanted a better way of creating that look than just stuffing the baubles between the branches and hoping they wouldn't fall off."

Nia, a stay-at-home mom, said she simply worked it out by trial and error - but now she does it every year.

The hooks cost as little as $2 and can be bought at most major stores.

And she admitted her tree gets endless compliments from visitors who can't understand how she made her tree look so good.

"It just makes your tree look seamless and perfect," she said.

"And the amazing thing is, if your tree isn't too full, you can do the same thing with slightly bigger baubles.

"That way you wouldn't even be able to tell it's sparse."

Nia Wells tree. (Nia Wells via SWNS)

Nia said not only is the hack budget-friendly and effective, but it's also sturdy - and won't see your baubles fall and break.

The method has withstood the threats posed by her four-year-old daughter and even their kitten - and the baubles remained securely in position.

After sharing the hack on TikTok, users praised the hack - because it was so unexpectedly simple.

One hailed it "genius" while another said she had "cracked the code."

"I look at TikTok as a way to learn things and help people," Nia said.

"I like to show people things they might not know about but I never thought it would go viral.

"I'm glad people could learn things from it."

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