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This 6-year-old boy is his mom’s biggest hype man

"He's complimented my makeup for as long as I can remember," she said.

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By Jake Meeus-Jones via SWNS

A mom says her son is her biggest hype man as he's always praising her elaborate make-up designs - and recorded his cute compliments.

Bee Mellifera, 25, decided to start documenting her son's sweet reactions after he complimented her make-up when being picked up from school.

Her little boy, Cobain, six, tell his mom that he loves her make-up and thinks it looks cute.

Bee - who works as a freelance copywriter and lives in Austin, Texas, sometimes spends up to an hour on her colorful looks and says it makes her feel really nice when Cobain takes an interest.

Bee and her son are both autistic and they both have their own special interests - hers is make-up and Cobain is keen on gaming and programming.

"He's complimented my makeup for as long as I can remember," Bee said.

"He always says the make-up is cute and he loves it.

"When I'd pick him up with it on, he would always start saying he loved them and asking how I did it.

"One day I asked him if I could record it and he said yeah.

"It’s so nice that he takes in interest in it

"Make-up is my special interest as an autistic person.

"He knows that, so it does feel good that he's engaging with my special interest, as I do for him.

"It feels important to have that with him."

Bee uploaded the adorable videos to TikTok, which have racked up over two million views combined.

She also uses her TikTok to livestream her make-up looks which can sometimes take more than an hour to complete.

She said: "I decided to upload his reactions to TikTok as I thought maybe other people would find it as cute as I did."

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