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NAVY aviators Saving Private Puppy

They want to bring the puppy home and make her the squadron’s mascot.

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Saving Private Puppy: Pup KT takes a stroll by a NAVY helicopter. (Royal Navy/MOD via SWNS)

By Dean Murray via SWNS

Navy aviators in the UK are raising funds to bring a stray puppy they befriended while deployed in Montenegro home with them.

Aircrew and engineers from 845 Naval Air Squadron took in the pooch during a storm and named her ‘KT.'

KT was very fond of cable ties and would spend all day around the Merlin helicopter while work was carried out to replace the engine at Podgorica Military Air Base.

The navy fliers were back on operations after four days of repairs but did not forget about their new four-legged friend.

Stray puppy KT with her NAVY friends at the base. (Royal Navy/MOD via SWNS)

They now plan to bring her home to their base at RNAS Yeovilton in Somerset, UK and make her the squadron’s mascot.

“Before leaving Montenegro a few of us got in touch with a local charity and also liaised with a few of the Montenegro Air Force (MAF) pilots about getting her back to the UK and giving her a proper home,” said Petty Officer ‘Frank’ Stapleton of 845 Naval Air Squadron.

“She wasn’t scared of noisy aircraft, having spent her short life so far on an airfield that happened to be the home of the MAF and the international airport for Montenegro, we feel she’ll be right at home on 845 NAS.”

Navy aviators are determined to Save Private Puppy, named KT. (Royal Navy/MOD via SWNS)

He added: “We have set up a GoFundMe page and have already raised over £1,000 ($1,195 USD).

“We believe it will probably take somewhere close to £2,000 ($2,391 USD) to fully vaccinate her and transport her back to the UK.

“She is currently with a Montenegrin dog foster family organized by the charity that we have vetted, and has already started receiving the required medical treatment and care needed to pass customs.”

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