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Pregnant golden retriever dumped in field finds loving home

“She still trusts people and is so sweet and welcomed us straight away."

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Amber at her new home for Christmas with new owners Elly Griffith, 38, and her husband Adam, 42, and their two children . (Martin Phelps /Blue Cross via SWNS)

By Sophie Watson via SWNS

A sick, starving and heavily pregnant golden retriever cruelly dumped in a field and left for days has found a new loving home in time for Christmas - along with her new pups.

Four-year-old Amber was discovered by a shocked member of the public running terrified around a field in High Wycombe, Bucks., England, back in March.

The pooch was so scared she hid when anyone tried to help but was finally too exhausted and a dog walker managed to catch her and take her to a vet.

Poor Amber was found to be suffering from sarcoptic mange which was bleeding from scratching and biting her itchy skin.

She was also skeletal apart from her bulging pregnant belly.

Staff believed she had been used for "backyard breeding" and dumped when her owners knew they would need to pay for veterinary intervention to deliver her large litter.

Amber. (Blue Cross via SWNS)

Once examined and treated she was transferred to the Blue Cross pet charity’s center in Burford, Oxon, where she soon showed signs of going into labor.

Eight puppies were successfully delivered by emergency C-section despite their heart rates beginning to drop in the womb.

But with Amber too weak and stressed to feed them, charity staff stepped in to help to hand-feed the pups to get them up to strength.

Over 25 staff and volunteers worked 24 hour shifts to feed the pups - named Theodore, Cider, Dougal, Kasper, Winnie, Holly, Sasha and Bailey - every three hours.

The charity said it was touch and go for all nine dogs, but Amber began to slowly improve and she and her pups also began to thrive.

All puppies have since found new homes and Amber finally found her happy ending in time for Christmas after being taken in by the Griffith family, of Witney, Oxon.

After sadly loosing their 12-year-old golden retriever named Henry in May this year, the family turned to Blue Cross to adopt a new companion for their other dog Stanley.

Amber was brought home by Elly Griffith, 38, and was welcomed with open arms by her husband Adam, 42, and their two children aged six and nine.

Amber at her new home for Christmas. (Martin Phelps /Blue Cross via SWNS)
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Elly said: "We wanted a friend for Stanley after the sad passing of our other golden retriever.

“The Blue Cross showed me some of the photos of how bad things had been for Amber when she came to the rehoming center.

“She was covered in horrible skin, and she was pregnant and very skinny.

“All the puppies had been rehomed but Amber was still looking for a new home.

“We have children, so we wanted to make sure Amber had a good temperament before we took her home.

“When me and my two kids went to visit her, we just fell in love with her. She is so calm, sweet, and relaxed.

“We thought she would be very scared after everything that had happened with her.

“I don’t know how but she is so good with people despite the horrible neglect she has had.

“She still trusts people and is so sweet and welcomed us straight away.

“Amber loves the garden and loves going for walks in the woods.

“It’s just been fantastic having Amber settle into our family and being able to give her the home she deserves after being used as a puppy farm dog.

“This criminal business can be as lucrative as drug dealing. It’s nasty stuff.

“Amber was so ill and they didn’t think she would survive having these pups so the puppy farmers just kicked her out and left her to die and luckily someone found her.

“There are so many dogs out there like Amber that haven’t been so lucky.

“We really want to spoil Amber this Christmas.

"The kids love her, they love playing in the garden with her and we are all very excited for her first Christmas with us.”

Hannah Wiltshire, Blue Cross center manager at the Burford rehoming center said: “Poor Amber is just one of the pets we have helped this year and we are delighted she has found a wonderful loving home in time for Christmas.

"We have never been needed more and I’m incredibly proud that our team of staff and volunteers worked around the clock to give Amber’s puppies the best possible start to life.

"Without our help it is unlikely Amber or her litter would have survived.“

The Blue Cross has so far this year taken in 3,574 pets for rehoming and 14 per cent of those were abandoned by cruel owners.

To donate to the charity visit here.

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