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Mom dresses exclusively in vintage clothes from ’90s and earlier

"I like to think anything vintage is from the 1990s or before with a lovely label."

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By Lydia Patrick via SWNS

A mom dresses head to toe exclusively in vintage clothes from the 1990s and earlier - and refuses to set foot in high street shops.

Hannah Johnson, 30, became obsessed with fashion after watching "Sex and the City" as a teen.

After becoming a mom at the age of 19, the thrift store queen started to peruse the aisles for bargains from the past as a break.

She gave up wearing high street clothes ten years ago, and now only wears clothes from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

Hannah, from Darlington, County Durham, England, reckons she's saved thousands over the years because she only buys second hand.

Now after 21 years of spotting vintage steals she is sharing her tips and tricks to buy retro gold from the 1990s and before.

Her secrets include buying things that look "hideous" at first and looking in shops in the north of England.

The vintage enthusiast's biggest bargains have been a Frank Usher sequin jacket for £4.99 ($6.10) which is worth £80-£200 ($97- $244) and a Laura Ashley gown worth over £200 she got for £14.99 ($18.32).

Hannah, who volunteers once a week in her local Oxfam as a vintage specialist, said: "I am absolutely obsessed with charity shops, I started my clothes obsession after becoming a mum, it was a bit of an escape.

"I like to think anything vintage is from the 1990s or before with a lovely label."

"It's not what name is on the label, rather the quality of it.

"A good way to spot a steal is if there is just one label rather than many, it's a sign the garment is probably older."

The full-time carer added you must have an open-mind when you go in the store and you must never skip an item, even if they are "hideous."

She added: "You shouldn't know what you're looking for before you go in but you can get inspired on Pinterest.

"You need to go through every single item."

"If you think oh my god that's hideous, look at the label - it's probably something great and you can style it in your own way."

The mom-of-three works at Oxfam once a week so admits she gets first dibs on clothing but loves to offer her advice.

She added: "I've done all the famous charity shops in London on Portobello road but in the north you can get things so much cheaper.

"It sounds bad, but you can get cheaper items in areas such as Stockton-on-Tees.

"I don't have a budget for buying clothes but I have a wardrobe, two industrial drawers and two boxes under the bed filled to the brim.

"I try to donate and resell things I don't wear anymore."

The mom insists on being open-minded, looking at labels, ignoring sizes and going up North for cheaper charity shops and browses every day.

She revealed: "You can start small by just buying one item such as a belt or bag from a charity shop and mixing it up with high street clothing."

Her favorite shops include Oxfam, Age UK and Cancer Research and her favorite era is the 1980s.

"I have so many style icons, but I love Boy George and Bon Jovi."

"It's my passion and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

"It's escapism and I get a bit of a high when I find an amazing item.

"Confidence shines through me when I feel good."

Hannah's top tips for charity shopping:

1. Go for it and have fun
2. Go to the charity shop as often as possible
3. Ignore sizes
4. Buy things you love
5. Start off small by buying one thing and pairing it with a high street item and you can build it up
6. Browse Vinted if you don't have lots of time on your hands
7. Get inspired on Pinterest
8. Look at labels- the less the better
9. Look up North or in cheaper areas
10. Go through every single item

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