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Sculptor creates Christmassy window art with snow spray

This year Paul has been fully booked from November 1 onwards and says he is doing eight to ten windows a day.

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By Harrison Moore via SWNS

A sculptor says he earns a fortune over the festive period - creating Christmassy window art with snow spray.

Paul Crawford, 36, travels all over the country during the run-up to December 25, bringing joy to households and businesses with his designs.

The dad-of-two started creating festive window art six years ago in his local community.

Using snow spray and silicon brushes, he turns clients' windows into traditional snowy winter scenes - adding personal touches upon request.

At first, he just did the windows of families in his area.

But, through word of mouth, his services have become very popular - and he now takes on jobs all over the UK.

This year Paul has been fully booked from November 1 onwards and says he is doing eight to ten windows a day.

His prices start at £70 ($85) per job but vary depending on the size of the window and how detailed the client wants the design.

Paul, from Liverpool said: "I started doing the artwork in 2016 and it seems to be getting and bigger and bigger each year.

"Originally I just did houses, but now I do shops, pharmacies and estate agents - any businesses really that want to bring a bit of festivity to the workplace.

"I use a can of snow spray, and then silicon brushes to move the snow about.

"Then I can create the illusion of color using different depths and making heavy and lighter layers.

"The way you press down the nozzle is very important, and I focus on the absence of light on each window, i.e. any shadow, to really bring out the scene.

"The majority of the time clients want a traditional snowy winter scene, but I give each window a personal touch.

"For example a recent house I did, the family had Ukrainian refugees living with them, so I created a Ukraine flag in the window.

"It's really rewarding work, and I love giving homes a festive touch on the run-up to Christmas!"

Paul works as a sculptor the rest of the year, and has worked on multiple film and TV sets - including hit series "Game of Thrones."

He also represented the UK at the Ice Sculpting Word Championships in Alaska in 2017.

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