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Dog caught on video climbing 11-foot ladder after getting stuck in neighbor’s yard

It was a "Mission Impossible" style move.

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By Barney Riley via SWNS

This ingenious dog climbed a ladder to scale an 11-and-a-half-foot wall after becoming stuck in the neighbor's garden.

Three-year-old Snoopy went all "Mission Impossible" after getting stuck in the garden and could see no way out.

Video shows owner Gustavo Borbolla Carrillo dropping a ladder down the wall separating the two gardens in Puebla, Mexico, intending to climb down to rescue Snoopy.

But as soon as the ladder was in place, Snoopy started climbing up on his own, one paw at a time.

Architecture student Carrillo said: "I was trying to help the dog, but he started to climb by himself.

"He wasn’t in danger. He just likes to jump into the other house which is a wasteland."

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