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Doorbell cam catches moment dog drives Jeep into neighbor’s car

“I just hope the dog is a named driver, but if the car insurance won’t do it then the pet insurance might.

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By Josie Adnitt via SWNS

A doorbell camera has caught the hilarious moment a dog appears to be driving a Jeep – which then crashes into a neighbor’s parked car.

Shaun Waller, 34, says the footage was captured on a security camera attached to his house in Wales.

He says he heard a loud bang while working from home and when he went to investigate, saw his neighbor’s Jeep had collided with his car.

What he didn’t realize until watching the footage back is that the neighbor wasn’t behind the wheel – the dog was.

It appears as though the dog had leaped into the car via the driver's seat – knocking it out of gear and leading to the car rolling down the driveway.

It then collided with Shaun’s car, parked opposite, while his helpless neighbor tried to catch the car from the outside.

The incident occurred on Dec. 1 at around 9:30 a.m. in the village of Gronant.

Shaun, a senior analyst, said: “I work from home and I was working as normal when I heard some commotion going on outside.

“I looked out the window and saw my neighbor’s car had rolled down their driveway and jack-knifed into my car.

“I went outside and spoke to my neighbor – she said the dog had jumped into the car in the driver’s seat and knocked the car out of gear.

“I checked the footage and realized you could see the dog in the driver's seat.

“It caused a lot of rear damage to my car – the rear quarter was damaged and it was pushed into the wall.

“I just hope the dog is a named driver, but if the car insurance won’t do it then the pet insurance might.

“Me and my partner were in hysterics laughing – it's an old car so we weren’t too bothered about the damage.”

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