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Drone footage captures giant beach Nativity scene illuminated by sunset

"Sand art is a completely eco-friendly form of artwork."

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By Sophie Watson via SWNS

It's the SUN of God! Heavenly drone footage captures a giant beach Nativity scene perfectly illuminated by a stunning sunset.

Artist Claire Eason spent hours carving the festive images onto the sand at Beadnell Bay in Northumberland, UK.

She was joined by a group of 10 volunteers on Dec. 12 to create the 60-foot-high nativity scene to raise funds for local churches.

Moments before it was washed away by the incoming tide, the artwork - complete with the Star of Bethlehem above the stable and manger - was lit up by the setting sun.

Claire, 58, a retired GP turned beach artist, said: “It was a wonderful day but we had to work fast to beat the tide.

“I had planned the silhouette design on paper beforehand and worked out on a grid where each figure should be.

“The nativity scene seemed obvious as it was a perfect way to symbolize Christmas.

"On the day we were set to map out the scene, the car park of the beach was so solid, so it made it very difficult for people to get involved but we still managed to get a good group of volunteers together.

"As we finished the design, the sun had started to set over the nativity.

"It only lasts a couple of hours as you are always fighting daylight in the winter time but when the sun did set, it created a very strong contrast with the people of the nativity scene.

"Passersby were curious and many said it made their walk."

The sandy nativity scene stood 60ft (18m) tall and stretched 40ft (12m) across the beach and took four hours to complete.

This year, Claire's festive sand art creation has fundraised to support three local churches to help people through the cost of living crisis.

Members of the public can donate money through a Just Giving page and, in return, will receive digital photos of the sand art to be transformed into Christmas cards.

Clare added: "It's a lovely way to help out the community and support people at such a tough time.

"Sand art is a completely eco-friendly form of artwork.

"It's non-destructive and every time the tide comes in and out, it creates a new blank canvas.

"It's an art form everyone can get involved in, no matter their age."

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