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Woman records hilarious fake newscast mocking her mom

"My mom is the classic stereotypical Italian woman."

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By Lydia Patrick via SWNS

A news presenter recorded a fake bulletin where she dressed up as her mom and mocked her stereotypical Italian mannerisms and habits.

Mandy Catalano, 32, a radio presenter, made the spoof news report for her mom Maria's 70th birthday.

She plays the role of a news reporter - and also her mom, wearing a dark wig - for the report "a day in the life of Maria."

The report showed Maria going around to her children's houses and insisting on cleaning and tidying.

And also a scene where she turns up with huge plates of food and lets the grandkids "run amok."

Mandy said some of the were so realistic Maria thought it was actual footage of herself.

Mandy from Melbourne, Australia, said: "My mom is the classic stereotypical Italian woman.

"She migrated to Australia when she was 16.

"She's 70 now and my family thought it would be the funniest thing ever - she's so easy to mimic."

Mandy added: "She spends her whole life cooking and cleaning.

"She will even ask me if she can take my sheets home to wash for me."

The report revealed Maria turning up to her children's with plates of food to look after her grandchildren but getting distracted with household chores.

Mandy, in the role of news reporter, added: "Her husband Frank is the bane of her existence - everything he does is wrong."

Then in the role of Maria, she said: "I don't know why he buys this bloody meat, it's full of fat.

"I keep saying don't go to that butcher."

Mandy added: "My mum and dad are exactly like Frank and Marie from the sitcom Everybody loves Raymond."

Maria is married to Frank, 72, and they have four children, Michael, 34, Sonia, 42, Lindy, 46, and Mandy, 32.

She has seven grandchildren Massimo, Ganni, Andre, Cooper, Jackson, Gabriel and Lily.

She said: "The grandkids are always mocking her and say 'Mamma Mia.'"

The report also mocked how Mandy "exploits" her mom, forcing her to go live on her radio show.

To end the report, she said: "But despite just how much cr*p she gets from her family, everyone absolutely loves Maria's character."

A separate video shows Maria watching the fake report in hysterics.

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