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8 in 10 parents worried they can’t create holiday magic this year

Of those polled 45 percent claim they are too busy.

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family, winter holidays and people concept - unhappy mother, father and two daughters in santa hats opening christmas gifts at home
Money troubles and lack of time were cited as reasons for a lack of holiday magic. (Ground Picture via Shutterstock)

By Astrid Cooper via 72Point

Eight in 10 parents reckon the holiday will lose its sparkle this year because they don’t have the time - or money - to make it magical.

A poll, of 2,000 UK moms and dads, found that 86 percent want to make the festive season feel special, but 32 percent don’t think they can this year.

Of those, 45 percent claim they are too busy while 33 percent are feeling pressure from work deadlines.

To help bring the magic of the holidays back to life, a third anticipate taking more time off work, and 26 percent will be putting in extra hours before the holidays to help build up some time in lieu.

The research was commissioned by Wilko as part of its Christmas campaign, which highlights how the magic can in fact go further this year, even if it’s just through doing the small things that don’t break the bank or take lots of time.


As part of this message, the home and garden retailer enlisted a Christmas-adoring family to become the stars and creative directors of its 2022 Christmas campaign.

Michelle Kirkup, from the winning family, said: “Our entry was based on giving the gift of kindness at Christmas and we wanted to share how having a magical Christmas doesn’t have to mean piles of presents. It can be as simple as curling up in front of a favorite festive film with the family.

“It doesn’t really matter what age your children are, it’s just about finding ways to adapt over the years to bring the magic to life in different ways - whether that’s decorating the tree, making gingerbread men, or just simply spending time together.”

family, winter holidays and people concept - happy mother and little daughter decorating christmas tree at home
Holiday magic: Decorating the tree was number 2 on the list in the poll. (Ground Picture via Shutterstock)

Research also found 48 percent of those who want to make the festive holiday feel special this year enjoy making it memorable for their family, and 29 percent want to improve on the last few years, which have been a bit of a letdown.

As a result, 41 percent of moms and dads who have plans to make this time of year different from any other expect to fill their weekends with activities.

Among their favorite ways to make the festive season memorable with their youngsters are curling up in front of a festive film (61 percent), decorating the tree (45 percent) and leaving a mince pie and carrot out for Santa and Rudolf (43 percent).

holidays, party and celebration concept - multiethnic group of happy friends having christmas dinner at home
Holiday magic: Spending time with loved ones doesn't have to be expensive. (Ground Picture via Shutterstock)

The study, conducted via OnePoll, also found seven years old to be the age Christmas is most magical for youngsters, while 69 percent of parents celebrate this time of year more so now compared to before they had children.

In fact, 48 percent think things will be better this year as their children are another year older and have a better understanding of what the festive period is all about.


1. Watch a Christmas movie together
2. Decorating the tree
3. Leaving out a mince pie and carrot for Santa and Rudolf
4. Listening to Christmas songs
5. Putting up other Christmas decorations
6. Writing/making Christmas cards
7. Make gingerbread men/houses together
8. Wrapping presents together
9. Snuggling up under a blanket for a Christmas cuddle
10. Sharing a box of chocolates together

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