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Grandma credits Eminem, Jay-Z with inspiring her to start rap career

''I quite like Eminem, Jay Z and Drake. I like them because they are a bit more old school.

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By Gwyn Wright via SWNS

A grandmother has been inspired by Eminem, Jay-Z and Drake to start her rap career in her 70s in a bid to raise money for charity.

Jill Clark, 74, has embraced hip-hop to raise funds for the National Cat Adoption Centre near Haywards Heath, West Sussex, where she has worked for eight years.

Her rhymes are inspired by rap giants such as Jay-Z, Eminem and Drake although she admits she “can’t possibly compare” herself to them.

The grandmother-of-two and mother-of-three, who used to work as a mental health counselor, receptionist and yoga teacher, says her videos are “a good laugh” and that her grown-up grandsons are not embarrassed by them.

Last year she raised £700 ($866) for the rescue center where she works as a volunteer with nervous felines, but she says things have gone “a bit more slowly” this year because of the cost of living crisis.

Jill Clark , 74, has been spitting her rhymes to raise money for charity. (SWNS)

So far, £190 ($235.26) has been raised from her £500 ($619) target.

At the same time, more and more cats are in need of rehoming and she says the reason for this is “clearly financial.”

The grandma, from Plumpton Green in West Sussex, loves amateur dramatics and doesn’t get nervous before performing her raps, but admits she had to practice four times before getting her rhymes right.

She said: ''I really enjoy creative writing and poetry and I love rhymes.


''I quite like Eminem, Jay Z and Drake. I like them because they are a bit more old school.

''Those are the ones which I particularly like, although I couldn't possibly compare myself to them.

''I just thought doing a rap would be quite funny and it would be a good laugh.

''I have two grown up grandsons and they both sent me messages to say it is awesome and it is great. I don't think they are embarrassed!

''I didn't get nervous before. Probably if I had to do it in front of an audience I would get nervous, although I have done quite a lot of amateur dramatics before.

''It took four attempts before I got it right. I knew all the words but it is another thing when you are facing a camera.

''Rappers are so quick. I don't know how they do it. They are incredible.

''To be honest, rap isn't my go-to music but I always enjoy listening to it.

''Some of the very current modern rap has a lot of swearing, which I don't think is really necessary without wanting to sound prudish, I swear like anyone but I don't think it is necessary unless it is to tell a story.

''I like a variety of music. I still like the Stones, Beatles and Dylan, but I also like Taylor Swift and Adele.

''I am more into mellow music with my age and I like things with a beat. Modern music doesn't always fit the bill.”

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