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Castle shrouded in mist looks like something out of Harry Potter

"It looks like something out of Harry Potter."

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By Sarah Ward via SWNS

A photographer snapped snow-capped Stirling Castle shrouded in mist as he compared it to something out of Harry Potter.

Dad-of-two Brian Smith, 55, was leaving work on Tuesday at 4:30 P.M> when he saw the historic castle covered in snow.

Fog and clouds parted above the building which is on a steep hill, so he took a picture with long exposure.

Brian, a college lecturer, said: "It looks very festive.

"It looks like something out of Harry Potter.

"It had been quite foggy all day.

"So many people have said it looks computer generated.

"The clouds and the fog are clearing at the top.

"It is long exposure so there is movement in the background."

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