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Savvy mom reveals how she spent only $20 on Christmas tree

"I have no intention of ever going back to a traditional Christmas tree."

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By Leo Black via SWNS

A savvy m0m has revealed how she spent only $20 on a Christmas tree and decorations - saving more than $300.

Single mom Staci Lang, 32, came up with an idea for a budget-friendly Christmas tree to cope with the cost of living crisis.

Instead of buying a tree, which can cost up to $300, Staci used a set of tinsel garlands fixed to the wall and a set of string lights - each costing $1.25 a piece.

In total, Staci, who lives in Baltimore, Maryland, spent $20, including Christmas ornaments.

The mother-of-one came up with the idea as a way to save space and money after a house-move in January ate up too much of her budget.

Her budget-friendly tree is also easily storable, as it can be collapsed completely and stored in a single drawer.

Staci said: "I recently moved and things are getting more expensive, rents are rising, I'm a single mom and the cost of living has gone up massively.

"I had to throw out my old tree during the move, and the prices of Christmas trees have just gotten ridiculous.

"My budget was like, $40, so I went to the dollar store."

Staci used the opportunity to create a new Christmas tradition with her daughter, London, 10, and pick the ornaments, as well as design the tree together.

She added: "I'm a creative mom and I like to find the fun in things.

"I wanted London to feel 100% involved in the process, afterwards she felt really accomplished, I though she would feel sad about there being no tree, but she wasn't.

"My friends all thought it was really creative and minimalist, they were impressed by how little space the tree took up.

"I have no intention of ever going back to a traditional Christmas tree, my daughter's at an age when she's less involved in Christmas now, and it's really nice for her to engage her creativity."

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