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Winter sports enthusiast builds 100 meter skate park in his backyard

The course, which spans around 100 meters in total, cost under $319 and over 80 hours to construct.

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By Barney Riley via SWNS

A winter sports fan has built a huge ice cross track in his backyard and performs daring maneuvers across ramps covered in ice.

Point-of-view footage shows how the skater drops in from a high ramp, going over multiple bumps and spine ramps turning back around on a quarter pipe to complete the circuit-like course.

Levi Nakarin, 22, from Keitele, Finland, built the course with his father in three weeks by packing slushy ice into the shape of the course and on top of ramps that were already there.

The course, which spans around 100 meters in total, cost under 300 euros ($319) to build properly and over 80 hours to construct.

Nakarin, a semi-professional ice cross racer, is currently sitting at twelfth in the men's championship and was previously a junior champion.

Currently training after returning from injury, Nakarin explained that he uses the track to practice and to "have some fun."

Nakarin said: "We make the ice mostly from 'slush,' if the ramps are too steep we need to make the ice from slush and after the slush we just ice it with thin layers of water."

Nakarin has been ice skating since he was a young child so the bumps and ramps are natural to him.

He added: "I compete in ice cross. I’m the junior champion from 2019/2020 and I’m currently sitting 12th in the men's championship after an injury in the middle of the last season.

"I’m currently semi-professional and I mostly use the track for training and just to have some fun."

When winter comes to a close and the ice melts, Nakarin uses the ramps and swaps the ice skates for rollerblades.

He hopes to be competing in the next season of Finnish ice cross but until then will have to keep training in the backyard.

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