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3-foot snake caught after slithering up drainpipe in busy UK town center

A business owner initially thought his drainpipe was blocked with leaves and debris.

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By Adam Dutton via SWNS

This is the bizarre moment a 3-foot snake was caught after it slithered up a drainpipe in a busy town center.

A business owner initially thought his drainpipe was blocked with leaves and debris.

But he was left stunned when the blockage turned out to be a 3ft long corn snake.

Video footage shows a pest controller capture the snake which had made its home inside the downpipe in Pershore high street, Worcs., England.

Hinton Pest Control was initially called out last week following reports of a snake that was seen lurking outside shops.

A spokesperson said: "We are on call over the festive period and we were called by a local business owner who originally thought they had some kind of issue with their guttering and downpipe.

"When they went to inspect the downpipe they were rather surprised to find a snake fall out and curl itself at the bottom of the pipe around six feet away from the High Street pavement.

"They didn't know what to do so they called us and we were able to head down and get him safely into the pillow."

Although the rescuer was not a practiced snake wrangler, the firm was able to safely rescue the snake, which was unharmed in the process.

After being safely rescued, the snake was taken to a local vet to find out if it had a microchip.

The Hinton spokesperson added: "We took him to De Montfort Veterinary Surgery in Pershore and discovered he was not microchipped.

“He was in good health apart from being slightly underweight.

"We are now in the process of trying to reunite him with his owner."

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