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Shocking footage shows snowless slopes in French Alps

"People are pretty disappointed with the situation. They would have liked a season with normal holidays."

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Shocking footage shows French Alps slopes with no snow due to unseasonably warm conditions and sparse snowfall.

More than half of the ski slopes in France - including in the Alps - have been forced to close due to unseasonably mild weather and rain, making for a disappointing ski season.

Shocking footage taken at the Morzine ski resort in the French Alps shows skiers on the slopes making do with grass and very little, slushy snow.

Bastien Moyon, 18, a skier who was in Morzine last weekend, said: "This year is the first time I've seen it like this. It's pretty impressive actually. I've never seen rain like this."

The difficult conditions come just days before the skiing World Cup, set to start next Saturday in Adelboden, Switzerland, drawing thousands of fans.

Many resorts with slopes under 2,200 meters across the French Alps have experienced a lack of snow.

Bastien, a host and content creator at Atlas Ski Co, added: "It's pretty hard to ski. The conditions are pretty dangerous for everyone.

"People are pretty disappointed with the situation. They would have liked a season with normal holidays."

The lack of consistent snow cover and waterlogged slopes causes dangerous conditions for skiers.

Bastien, who gave up his skis in favor of a mountain bike, said: "The operators of the resort are very disappointed, people should be directed to other mountain sports."

Additional footage from Lauenen in the south-west of the country shows what are usually snow-covered ski slopes on severely lacking the white stuff.

Only a small amount snow is seen on the slopes as filmer Josh Brady captured the moment a duo of skiers were seen struggling to make a run on the hill.

"It’s a bit upsetting," Josh said.

"I was expecting to be out almost every day but this place is beautiful so I can’t complain."

2022 was the warmest year on record for France and Switzerland.

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