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SEE IT: Firefighters rescue horse from sinkhole

The horse escaped with no injuries.

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By Douglas Whitbread via SWNS

Incredible footage shows the moment when firefighters pulled a horse out of a sinkhole after he became completely submerged underground.

A team from West Yorkshire Fire Service came to the aid of 27-year-old Chestnut stallion Prince after he got stuck in the roughly 4ft (1.2m) deep pit on Jan. 7.

The firefighters, assisted by vets and the horse’s owner, first used a digger to carve open a shallow trench close to where Prince was trapped in Mirfield, West Yorks.

And a stunning clip then showed four of the servicemen using a rope to help tug the stricken animal out of the hole, which thankfully emerged completely unharmed.

Horse Prince being rescued from a sinkhole in Mirfield by West Yorkshire F&R's technical rescue team. (SWNS YouTube)

Damian Cameron, a Technical Rescue Officer with West Yorkshire Fire Service, who assisted with the operation, said: “27yr old Prince found himself in a sinkhole in Mirfield this morning.

“Our Tech Rescue Team worked with the owners, a Vet & received valuable assistance from a local excavator to rescue Prince, who escaped with no injuries.”

Social media users were quick to praise the fire crew for their valiant efforts in rescuing the horse and saving his life.

One wrote: “Brilliant work as always WYFRS, saving animal life!”

Another added: “Huge congratulations on a job well done, managing to rescue this beautiful horse.”

A further user said: “Looks a tricky one mate. Well done to you and the crews."

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