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Designer hand-makes outfits for her bearded dragon

She said outfits for the creature are just "a tiny stretch from what I already do every day."

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By Amy Reast via SWNS

A clothes designer hand-makes outfits for her bearded dragon - including a motorcycle jacket, woolly sweater and Easter bunny outfit.

Anni Becherer, 47, decided to use her skills to kit out her pet bearded dragon, Jub Jub, one.

The mom-of-two first tested the waters with a tiny Easter bunny suit to see if Jub Jub would tolerate the clothes.

After learning he would sit in them for a while under his heat lamp for his afternoon rest, she was inspired.

Anni - who runs her fashion business Anni's Creations - has since made a range of outfits for Jub Jub, including a mini motorcycle jacket, hoodie and woolly sweater.

She even made the lizard a mini Game Of Thrones-style full-length suit - with a hand-made Iron Throne to match.

Anni, from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, said: "Having a bearded dragon as a pet was completely unplanned.

"We popped into a pet store when we arrived early for an appointment to buy a car.

“The same day my daughter and I spotted a picture online of one dressed in a hoodie and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“Suddenly Jub Jub was part of our family.”

Inspired by the picture she saw of the bearded dragon wearing a hoodie, Anni - who makes bespoke wedding and graduation gowns - turned her hand to outfits for Jub Jub.

She said outfits for the creature are just "a tiny stretch from what I already do every day" - except his have four arm holes instead of two.

Each one can take up to a day because she has to create the costumes with incredibly accurate measurements, so they are comfortable for Jub Jub.

While she said "Jub Jub prefers to run around naked," he doesn't mind a few minutes sat under his heat lamp, posing for pictures.

"He doesn't mind much when I put clothes on him as long as he can sit in his favorite spot on the window," Anni said.

"He watches and judges the birds as I dress him."

In a bid to "prove that anything can be done," Anni has created everything for Jub Jub, from hoodies to a parka.

She even made him a blonde wig just like Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen in "House of the Dragon" - complete with his very own bearded dragon-sized Iron Throne.

Anni said: "I've had people messaging me from as far away as Texas asking me to make costumes and sell them.

"But I would never sell them. I just make them for fun for Jub Jub.

"Not all bearded dragons like clothes on them anyway, so I'd probably have loads of returns.

"It's all for fun because the dragons don't need clothes really.

"They're cold-blooded - so it's not a case of needing to keep them warm.

"I just dress Jub Jub up for pictures to put a smile on people's faces."

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