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Elderly red panda enjoys an adorable ‘snack quest’

“He loves to climb and explore his exhibit."

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By Jessica Hehir-Smith via SWNS

This elderly red panda takes part in a "snack quest" set by staff - to help keep him fit and engaged.

The clip shows 11-year-old Moshu climbing through his enclosure at Oregon Zoo in Portland as keepers hold out treats for him to munch.

Moshu can be seen clambering on rocks and trees and getting close to the camera as he tried to grab his favorite snacks.

Oregon Zoo shared the video on their YouTube page, showing how they keep Moshu fit and healthy.

They said: “He loves to climb and explore his exhibit.

“As he’s gotten older, his care staff have added ramps and special treats to keep things enriching for him.”

Red pandas start showing signs of aging at around 10-12 years old, but Oregon Zoo noted that they have lived to be over 20 years old whilst being cared for by humans.

They are small arboreal mammals native to the forests in the Himalayas and the mountainous areas of southwest China.

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