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Meet the mini Wednesday Addams goth baby

"She was born outdoors during a thunderstorm."

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By Lydia Patrick via SWNS

A mom claims her baby is a "goth" and has decorated her nursery in black, dresses the tot in Victorian clothing and fans say her little girl is a "miniature Wednesday Addams."

Reby Hardy, 36, welcomed her daughter, Ever More, one, in July 2021 and says she was inspired to make her a "gothic baby" after purchasing a Victorian cot on Facebook Marketplace.

After having three boys - Maxel, seven, Wolfgang, five, and Bartholomew, three, with her husband, Matt Hardy, 48, a wrestler, Reby claims she was "petrified" about having a girl.

She decided to go against a typical feminine pink theme when decorating her daughter's nursery and was inspired by a darker Neo-Victorian style - painting the walls black and opting for a cot from 1894.

Reby says people say they are the "modern-day Addam's family" and she embraces the comparison.

Now Ever More's room, the living room and hallway in the family's home are all a gothic-luxe aesthetic with ornate furniture and antiques, natural wood and darker tones.

Reby, a content creator, who lives Cameron, North Carolina, said: "People have a misconception that I designed everything around the new Wednesday program on Netflix, but her room and name were set years before they began production.

"There are definitely style elements inspired by the Addams family, people say Ever More is a miniature Wednesday Addams.

"There are nods to it in her nursery decor - like the original Addams family mansion replica on her mantel and a picture of her brother dressed up as baby Pubert."

"When I got pregnant, she was my first girl after three boys.

"I could have gone all pink and extreme, but I wanted something more different and unique.

"The rest of the house is in a Neo-Victorian style and is really rich and opulent, and it all started with an antique 1864 crib from Facebook Marketplace."

The cot cost $375, but the family paid a carpenter to ensure it matched modern-day safety standards.

The expecting mom then went to town with the gothic theme and wanted to give her daughter a gothic name to match.

Reby said: "I suppose her name is gothic. Our name for a girl was always Ever but the More part is an Edgar Allen Poe reference.

"My husband's mom died when he was really young and her name was Ruby More, so we wanted to use her maiden name."

The parents debated many other names for her three children such as Excalibur, Sterling, Fox, Marquise, October, Quest, Linc, Aurelio and Mars.

Reby grew up in Queens, New York, where "going against the status quo is expected and originality is embraced."

She said: "I grew up in Queens and I never thought twice about being different.

"I grew up in a gothic house with a lot of antiques.

"It was a Baroque style there was a lot of carved wood.

"When I got pregnant for the first time, we started adding to the house and I did it with a kid's mindset.

"One room is Minecraft themed, and another is a pink Barbie closet.

"The playroom has a secret revolving door with a fireman's pole into the movie theatre."

Reby felt "overwhelmed" when she found out she was having a daughter after only having had boys.

She said: "I was convinced I was having a boy and I was terrified.

"I cried for a week - I didn't know what I would do with a girl."

Reby gave birth to Ever More outside in her pool house during a thunderstorm on July 11 2021 and the tot weighed 6lbs.

She soon overcame her fears and embraced having a daughter.

"She is the joy of my life, I'm so happy she is here," Reby said.

"Because she was a summer baby, I thought let's do it outside in the wild.

"She was born outdoors during a thunderstorm.

"Every time I had a contraction, it would thunder.

"It was the craziest, primal experience.

"It even stopped raining when she arrived.

"It was very on-brand for a gothic baby."

Reby dresses her daughter in a traditional Victorian style - with the tot wearing lots of lace and ruffles.

She added: "It's super girlie but not in a Barbie pink kind of way.

"The kids all have their own unique looks and aesthetics. People say we're the modern-day Addams family.

"My eldest, Maxel, has hair down to his waist and Wolfgang loves bright colors - he always dyes his hair blue and burgundy.

"We're a different family and we home-school the kids and teach them to never judge someone on what they look like.

"We want them to live how they want and go against societal gender roles."

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