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Couple shocks loved ones by turning engagement party into their wedding

“We just said bring your own drinks and a lawn chair, it was casual like that."

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By Amy Reast via SWNS

A couple invited their friends to an “engagement party” - which was actually their wedding.

Jordyne and Trevor Lucy, both 27, took a unique approach to their big day - tricking all their guests, so nobody knew they were attending the pair's wedding.

The couple were childhood sweethearts - so it came as no shock when they got engaged on July 1, 2022.

They decided to surprise their friends and family as they wanted a 'low-key and chilled' event.

It took them four months to plan - even preceding their official engagement.

On July 31 last year, they invited 50 guests under the guise of celebrating their engagement - before surprising them by tying the knot there and then.

The only people who knew were Jordyne’s best friend, Holly Shunamon, 27, and Trevor’s parents – so that Trevor’s dad, Richard Lucy, 62, could officiate the ceremony.

Jordyne and Trevor, an accountant, agreed the most memorable part was seeing their guests’ reactions when they realized they’d been duped.

Jordyne, an artist and graphic designer, from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, said: “Neither of us wanted something big for our big day, we just wanted something lowkey and chill with our family.

“We just said bring your own drinks and a lawn chair, it was casual like that. We knew we’d have a plethora of different attires because we didn’t specify.

“My dad ended up walking me down the aisle in sandals. And my cousin came in socks and crocs. But it just made it funny.”

On the big day, they revealed their secret with a big sign which said ‘Welcome to Jordyne and Trevor’s engagement party’ - with the last two words crossed out and replaced with ‘wedding’.

Jordyne, who designed all the signage, said the pair had been “mentally engaged for the better part of a decade” as they had been together since their teens.

But apart from those they revealed the secret to in advance, nobody knew exactly what to expect – until they arrived.

Jordyne said: “I think the people closest to me did have a hunch something else might be going on, because Trevor and I are not engagement party people.

“But mostly people were surprised – and I’m a bad liar so I was impressed we managed to pull it off.”

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