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These are the greatest video games of all time

“There are some timeless classics on the list here, and a lot of them, people are still playing to this day."

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By Mustafa Mirreh, 72Point via SWNS

The greatest video games of all time include "FIFA," "Mario Kart" and "Sonic the Hedgehog" - with eight of the top 10 more than 40 years old.

A poll of 2,000 adults found three quarters have played video games before, with 86 percent of those feeling a sense of nostalgia whenever they are reminded of them.

As a result, the top 40 list featured plenty of old favorites, including "Tetris," "Space Invaders," "Donkey Kong" and "Street Fighter."

Football favorite "FIFA," which sees a new game come out each year, took the top spot with nearly a fifth of the vote.

While lovable character Mario had two games in the top three with "Mario Kart" and "Super Mario World."

"PacMan" and "Call of Duty" were also popular, with "The Sims" and "Tomb Raider" to make the list.


A spokesperson for, which offers a host of retro-inspired games, said: “There are some timeless classics on the list here, and a lot of them people are still playing to this day.

“With so many new games coming out all time - and with brilliant graphics to boot - it’s amazing to see that what we actually all want are the pixelated, cult classics that we grew up on.

“And it’s no different here - from 'Space Invaders' to 'Street Fighter,' our games are inspired by the best of the best. Who needs 'Tomb Raider' when you’ve got 'Tetris'?”

The study also found 62 percent of gamers grew up playing the titles, with 58 percent of those with children now sharing their favorites with them.

"Mario Kart" and "FIFA" were the top games to play with kids, but 29 percent have also introduced them to "Sonic the Hedgehog."

While 23 percent have played the retro game of "Tetris" with them.

It also emerged being able to play with others is the best thing about video games, for 38 percent of gamers.

But 17 percent enjoy it simply because they are good at them.

This sees the average gamer spending more than three hours a week battling it out, owning 21 different games and spending nearly £40($49) a month on their hobby.

When it comes to the greatest gaming console in the market, PlayStation came out on top with its consoles making up four of the top five, alongside the Nintendo Wii.


While the Xbox 360 came eighth, behind the Sega MegaDrive and Nintendo Switch.

However, the study carried out via OnePoll, found 14 percent feel gaming will die out as technology advances, despite 54 percent believing they are ahead of their time.

And 36 percent feel virtual reality headsets will eventually replace traditional arcade games.

Lottoland’s spokesperson added: ‘’Technology will continue to grow and advance as the years go by, but there will always be room for video games that have stood the test of time.

“We have a wide selection of classics available to choose from and take you right back to the heady days of the 16-bit era.’’


  1. FIFA
  2. Mario Kart
  3. Super Mario World
  4. Grand Theft Auto
  5. PacMan
  6. Call of Duty
  7. Tetris
  8. Sonic the Hedgehog
  9. The Sims
  10. Space Invaders
  11. Tomb Raider
  12. Minecraft
  13. Donkey Kong
  14. Wii Sports
  15. Football Manager
  16. Pokémon
  17. Assassin’s Creed
  18. Street Fighter
  19. Crash Bandicoot
  20. Legend of Zelda
  21. Sim City
  22. Red Dead Redemption
  23. Guitar Hero
  24. Mortal Combat
  25. Resident Evil
  26. God of War
  27. Final Fantasy
  28. Fortnite
  29. Tekken
  30. Animal Crossing
  31. Need for Speed
  32. The Witcher
  33. The Last of Us
  34. Doom
  35. GoldenEye
  36. World of Warcraft
  37. Halo
  38. Fallout
  39. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
  40. Mega Man

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