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This pet cat is so huge people mistake him for a bobcat

Kusa the cat is still growing.

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By Leo Black via SWNS

This pet cat is so huge people often mistake him for a bobcat - and he’s still growing.

Maine Coon Kusa is 9-months-old is already a meter long, the height of a 5-year-old child standing up.

Owner Chastity Hobbs, 26, adopted Kusa in July 2022 when he was just three months old.

Commercial photographer Chastity said: “People are amazed when they see him. They always think that he’s crossed with a bobcat or something.

“The last time we weighed him he was 15 pounds, but he’s definitely grown four of five pounds. He’s had a massive growth spurt since then."

Incredibly, Kusa is going to get even bigger.

Maine Coons continue to grow until they are four or five years old, meaning nine-month-old Kusa has a lot left in him.

Chastity, who lives with Kusa and three other cats in her home in Phoenix, Ariz., spends almost $170 on food every month.

She even has an extra-large litter tray to accommodate Kusa.

Chastity added: “[We need] mostly just an extra large litter box. Maine coons are very playful so they need a lot of enrichment.

“I think we will need to upsize, we have a cat wall and I’m worried it’s going to come off the wall when he’s bigger.

“They [Maine Coons] are known as the gentle giants of the cat world.

“We have three other cats and Kusa is at the bottom of the cat hierarchy, he’s just too nice. He’s a very needy cat, he loves getting attention.

“Living with Kusa has been whimsical almost. He’s been wonderful to live with.”

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