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Tornado causes chaos across suburban Houston

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(Screengrab via SWNS)

By Barney Riley via SWNS

A tornado along with stormy weather has caused chaos in the Greater Houston area of Texas, with extensive property damage, leaving many without power.

The severe weather system left a path of destruction across the neighborhoods of Pasadena and Deer Park.

Footage from Deer Park shows the widespread damage of roofs torn from the tops of buildings and power lines being brought down.

Debris from the damage was seen strewn across the suburban streets that included uprooted trees.

As well as this some vehicles that were damaged by the weather were left abandoned in the street.

Schools in the local area have been closed due to the number of people and families that have been displaced.

Local emergency services have helped set up a Red Cross shelter for those affected.

The National Weather Service confirmed the tornado passed through the south of Harris County, near I-45 and Beltway 8 South.

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