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Meet Humphrey the pillow-fighting pig

"Everyone needs a piggy in their home."

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By Debbie Luxon via SWNS

Meet Humphrey the pig who thinks he's a pooch and loves nothing more than a pillow fight.

The 11-month old piglet lives a life of luxury inside the home he shares with owner Julie Woodward, her husband and best pal, Lilylou the mutt.

The extraordinary animal, who is house trained and very clean according to Julie, loves nothing better the lounging around on pillows and munching on digestive biscuits.

To go to the bathroom, Humphrey uses a large dog flap to go out and do his business.

Julie Woodward, who is a stay-at-home fur-mom, said: "Everyone needs a piggy in their home.

"Humphrey comes into the lounge pinches a cushion off the sofa and lays by my feet with his head on the cushion and loves to have his belly rubbed until he falls asleep.

"He loves the comfort of a warm house. He thinks he's a dog so loves laying by the hot radiators.

"He's very good with the cats but sometimes chases them and tries to get their tails.

"He is also completely house trained- pigs are very clean animals."

Humphrey does however let out the odd smelly fart.

Julie, a mom to three adult children, is an experienced animal owner.

Her husband, Ken Woodward, goes to work each day while she stays home with her humble household of six cats, two dogs, two chickens, five donkeys, one mule and 17 miniature ponies.

This is not the first time Julie has fostered a pig.

She became a pig parent for a not-so-mini teacup pig when she needed rescuing back in 2011.

Miss Wiggy arrived as a small piglet, who had been falsely sold as a teacup pig and needed a new home.

Julie quickly realized there was no such thing as miniature pigs when Miss Wiggy became 26 stone (364 pounds), needing her own fridge to store all the food she ate each day.

Julie didn't think she would get another pig until Miss Wiggy sadly passed away in February last year.

She said: "I loved her so much and my heart was broken when she died, pigs are so loving and gentle and very intelligent."

So four months after Miss Wiggy's sorrowful departure, she went to find Humphrey:

She said: "A children's visiting farm was selling pigs.

"I went to have a look and fell instantly in love with Humphrey so I popped him in the car and brought him home."

Humphrey is now a well-loved fixture of the family, though only takes up one-quarter of what Miss Wiggy came to weigh.

Humphrey is loved by the whole family and loves to entertain Julie's her three-year-old grandson.

His favorite time of day is dinner when he gets apple, banana, blueberries, tomatoes, sweetcorn and cucumber – and he lets everyone know he is excited by squealing while he eats.

He also appears at the feet of any person who opens the lid of the biscuit tin.

She said: “If he wants one, he will sit down, and if you ask him, he will even give you a kiss for it.

“It’s a bit of a sloppy wet kiss.”

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