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This is the moment firefighters rescued large bull after falling into a river

The bull weighs 1-ton.

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Dramatic photos show the moment firefighters were called to rescue a one-ton bull after it fell down an embankment into a river on Jan. 24. (Photo by HWFRS via SWNS)

By Sophie Watson via SWNS

Dramatic pictures show firefighters using a lifeboat to rescue a 1-ton bull from drowning after it fell into a flooded river.

Fire crews rushed to the scene after two bulls tumbled down an embankment and plunged into the swollen River Teme in Herefordshire on Tuesday, Jan. 24.

The farmer managed to pull one of the bulls out but could not reach the second which was stranded in the deep water.

An animal rescue team from Bromyard Fire Station leaped into action along with a water first responder team and a boat crew from Malvern and Evesham.

They used a rescue craft and attached a chain to the bull's nose ring and dragged the 1.1 tonne beast into shallow water.

The Herefordshire bull was remarkably uninjured and after being checked over by vets it was reunited with the rest of the herd.

Writing on Facebook, Bromyard Fire Station said: "A great team effort saw the successful rescue of a Herefordshire Bull from the River Teme.

"Two bulls slipped down the embankment and into the deep water, the owner was able to rescue one of them himself but the other proved to be a lot more difficult on the far bank and no access to it.

"Animal Rescue team from Bromyard along with a water first responder team from Malvern and a boat crew from Evesham were sent to the incident.

"Belmont Farm & Equine vets were on scene to ensure the welfare of the bull was maintained during the rescue.

Fire crews rushed to the scene after two of the large animals tumbled into the River Teme in Herefordshire on Tuesday, Jan. 24.

"The bull was 1.1 tons in weight.

“He was assisted down the river using the boat to a safe place where it could stand.

“He was then able to walk to the side and out of the river.

"It was a short walk back to the farm buildings where the vet was able to give him a full check over.

“He was uninjured and will soon be back out in the field."

A Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: "We were called out at 1.11 p.m. on Tuesday to rescue a large animal from water in Knightwick.

“An animal rescue team from Bromyard and water rescue teams from Malvern and Evesham attended.

“A one-and-a-half tonne bull was stuck on the bank of the River Teme.

“A plan was formulated in liaison with the attending vet to rescue the bull using the boat crew and animal rescue team.

"The bull was left in the care of the owner.”

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