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Dead 35-foot humpback whale washes ashore on New York beach

Animal experts conducted an autopsy on the whale.

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By Barney Riley via SWNS

A giant humpback whale washed up dead on a beach in New York State Monday.

Emergency services cordoned off the area as animal experts conducted an autopsy on the whale.

Footage shows the fenced-off area as many locals made their way to the beach to see the humpback.

Diggers and other heavy machinery were seen moving sand around the whale.

Locals have said that the whale was buried in the sand dunes after the autopsy took place.

Nick Perrotta said: "I was working in Lido Beach this morning and heard helicopters flying over the beach.

A deceased humpback whale was spotted on a New York beach Monday after it washed up overnight. (Photo by Nick Perrotta/LOCAL NEWS X /TMX via SWNS)
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"A whale washed ashore sometime last night. Once the whale was moved, the area was fenced off.

"I was told an autopsy would be performed, and thereafter, the whale would be buried in the dunes. What fascinated me was the ridges on the whale's body.

"Sad to see this beautiful mammal and imagine the pain it went through until it washed ashore."

Hampstead Town Supervisor Don Clavin told local reporters that the whale was at least 35-foot-long.

He highlighted concern after seven beached whales have been spotted in the area within a month.

The footage was captured Monday, Jan. 30.

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