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This Japanese-inspired mini sub is so cute, but you can’t actually eat it

"I had to push my skills to the next level to bring this to life."

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The micro-sub was inspired by Japanese "Kawaii" culture. (PinPep via SWNS)

By Oliver Lewis, 72Point via SWNS

If you're craving a really little snack - this micro-sub, inspired by Japanese "Kawaii" culture, might be perfect - but you can't actually eat it.

Measuring under an inch, the minuscule sandwich is more than 12 times smaller than a life-size footlong sub and taps into Japan’s culture for cuteness; "Kawaii."

It replicates in extraordinary detail everything from the Philly-style steak pieces, red onions, peppers and bread - and the micro meal is complete with a tiny drinks cup and straw, paper bag and napkins.

It took Nadia Michaux two days to painstakingly piece together, using clay and a range of specialist artistic techniques and materials, to bring to life the textures and colors on a miniature scale.

The micro-sub is under an inch. (PinPep via SWNS)

The miniatures artist was challenged by Subway to create the super-tiny sub to celebrate the launch of its new Japanese-inspired Teriyaki Steak sub, and plant-based version.

Nadia said: “I think this was my biggest challenge yet. I didn’t initially realize just how challenging that would be.

“But it allowed me to fuse my love of Japanese culture and my passion for Kawaii miniatures together, which was brilliant.

“I create miniatures every day, but I had to push my skills to the next level to bring this to life.

“The result is so realistic and when side by side with a real footlong sub. it looks identical, but on a tiny scale - I’m really pleased with the result.”

Micro artist Nadia Michaux spent two days making the tiny sub. (PinPep via SWNS)

The most challenging element was matching the natural colors of the sandwich, with Nadia mixing the clay colors and firing them, then adjusting the mix until she achieved a perfect match.

To capture the vibrancy of the sliced peppers, Nadia used a technique called ‘Skinner Blend.'

For this two different shades of clay are sandwiched together to create a gradient, then shaped around wooden dowels, before being sliced off with a fine razor blade.

Nadia also created her own bespoke clay mix ‘recipe’ and coats this onto the cheese slices to create the ‘oozy’ melted effect.

At the end of the process, she added touches of varnish to the final product, to make the result look fresh and true to life.

The lid of the drinks cup was made via 3D printing a cast for the cup lid.

Once printed, the cast is placed on a vacuum-forming machine bed, and a special material is heated up until malleable and then dropped directly onto the cast with vacuum suction, to shape the material onto the cast.

(PinPep via SWNS)

Angelina Gosal, from Subway, said: “What a way to honor our new Teriyaki Steak Sub. Nadia has expertly brought our Japanese-inspired sub to life but in amazing miniature form!

“As well as the Teriyaki Steak, we also have a brand new vegan option, the Plant-based Teriyaki Steak - recently launched in partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher, for our guests to enjoy as well.”

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