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This French bulldog is obsessed with actor Henry Cavill

"Now she has pillows, blankets and drawings of his face!"

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By Jessica Hehir-Smith via SWNS

Meet the French bulldog that is obsessed with British actor Henry Cavill - so much so she spends her days in a shrine dedicated to him.

Heather Land, 38, first noticed Rory’s fascination with Cavill in September last year when she was watching the actor star in The Witcher.

Three-year-old Rory's ears would perk up and she would stare at the screen every time Cavill appeared in a shot.

Author and illustrator Heather questioned if her pup liked the show or the actor, so they watched Man of Steel together - and Rory was riveted throughout.

Heather posted about Rory’s obsession on social media, which prompted people to suggest that she print off a picture and see if she recognized him in real life.

Rory’s love for Cavill was confirmed when she would stare at the picture for minutes at a time, multiple times a day.


Heather, from Milwaukee, Wis., said that people started sending them items related to the actor and soon Rory’s ‘shrine’ was created.

She said: “First it started off as funko pops, a couple of posters and a little plushie of him. Now she has pillows, blankets and drawings of his face!

“She will bite, destroy and play with other toys, but never the ones of him.

“For her birthday in February, I might get her a cardboard cutout of him and see what she does!”

The captivated pup won’t watch anything on TV unless it is Cavill, not even clips featuring cats or other dogs.

Rory can even spot the difference between pictures of Cavill and other famous lookalikes.

Although she doesn’t get angry or protective over the items in her shrine, Heather said that she does look "so sad" if they are gone.

Heather has been posting about Rory and her antics on the social media site TikTok since April 2020.

Although people online are mostly positive about Rory’s infatuation, there are some who say it’s a hoax.

Heather said: “The internet can be weird. I have one video of her love that is up to 5.5 million views and people just don’t believe it.

“It took me three years to teach her ‘down’, so I really don’t think I could teach her to recognize one actor out of four!

“She has the biggest personality of any dog I have had or met. She is just the best thing on the planet.”

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