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‘Game of Thrones’ obsessed moms name daughters after show characters

The girls were named after some of the cult show's strongest female characters.

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Arya Stark from "Games of Thrones." (Photo by Chris Curry via Unsplash)

By Flora Bowen via SWNS

Meet the "Game of Thrones" mad moms who named their daughters after characters from the TV series and have no regrets.

Jasmine Muchallah, 41, named her daughter Khalessi Sky when she was born in 2013 because it was a “very powerful” name.

Her mom was the original "Game of Thrones" fan in the family and suggested the name when Jasmine was pregnant.

In the show, it means queen - a name given, with a slightly different spelling, to the character Daenerys when she marries Khal Drogo, leader of the Dothraki clan.

Now, Khalessi is nine and Jasmine said she couldn't have chosen a better moniker for her daughter.

Jasmine, a service manager from Miami, Fla., said: "The name to me was very powerful because it means 'Queen of the dragons.'


"I tweaked it a little bit because I figured everyone would have it, as the show is so popular, but actually we have yet to meet another Khalessi.

"It's a great feeling, such a strong semblance of the feeling you're not going to find elsewhere it's unique.

"It suits her well as she's very powerful.

"I would describe her as timid but very strong.

"She is a dancer, so very hard working and disciplined.

"I would describe her as nine going on 30.

"Everyone she meets mentions how unique and cool it is. We haven't had any problems.

"I just think we couldn't have picked a better name. I still love it."

Khalessi - who has two older siblings Chrystanthe, 22, and Xander, 15 - has not yet watched "Game of Thrones."

"I think I'll give it another year or so as it's a little complicated for her to understand it still," Jasmine said.

Another mom, Marina Lippincott, 41 - who was also a big fan of the hit TV series - decided on the name Arya for her daughter, now five, when she arrived in May 2017.

She opted for the name as a homage to the character Arya Stark played by Maisie Williams.


Marina, from Lumberton, New Jersey, who manages an e-commerce agency, said: "We chose the name because my husband and I used to watch the series together.

"I just liked Arya, I thought she was a good character, and it is a good name.

"It suits my daughter because she is a rascal.

"She is like a boy because she always chooses cars over dolls.

"Now she's just turned five she has started to play with dolls sometimes, but she's obsessed with cars.

"She does gymnastics, swimming and athletics.

"She runs around a lot and her friends are boys.

"My husband and I have to rein her in because she is so like a tomboy.

"When she is older, I think she can watch the series - maybe when she is 15 or 16."

The girls were both named after some of the cult show's strongest female characters.

And their moms say they don’t regret their name choices, which reflect their children’s strong personalities.

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